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Early Harvest Programmes

Early Harvest Programme basically consists of those projects which are to be implemented within short timeline. The projects under the Early Harvest Programme are as follows:

A mass messaging application has been developed by MeitY that will cover elected representatives and all Government employees. Over 1.36 crore mobiles and 22 lakh emails are part of the database. The portal was released on 15th August 2014. Data collection and data sanitization are ongoing processes.

A basket of e-Greeting templates have been made available. Crowd sourcing of e-Greetings through the MyGov platform has been ensured. Crowd sourcing has also been used to create designs for Independence Day, Teachers’ Day and Gandhi Jayanti greetings. E-Greetings portal has been made live on 14th August 2014.

It will cover all Central Government offices in Delhi to begin with. Over 40,000 Government employees from 150 organisations have already registered on the common Bio-metric attendance portal at http://attendance.gov.inOver 1000 bio-metric attendance terminals are under installation at entry gates of various Central Government buildings which will be connected with Wi-Fi Access points and mobile connectivity. Government employees will be able to mark their attendance from any of the central Government offices in Delhi.

All universities on the National Knowledge Network (NKN) shall be covered under this scheme. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) is the nodal ministry for implementing this scheme.

Email would be the primary mode of communication within government. The government e-mail infrastructure would be suitably enhanced and upgraded. Upgradation of the infrastructure under Phase-I for 10 lakh employees has already been completed. Under Phase-II, infrastructure would be further upgraded to cover 50 lakh employees by March 2015 at a cost of Rs.98 Cr. MeitY is the nodal department for this scheme.

Standardised templates for Government email would be prepared. This is being implemented by MeitY.

Cities with population of over 1 million and tourist centres would be provided with public wi-fi hotspots to promote digital cities. The scheme would be implemented by DoT and Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD).

All books shall be converted into eBooks. Ministry of HRD/ MeitY are the nodal agencies for this scheme.

SMS based weather information and disaster alerts would be provided. MeitY’s Mobile Seva Platform has been made available for this purpose. Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) (India Meteorological Department - IMD)/ Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) (National Disaster Management Authority - NDMA) would be the nodal organizations for implementing this scheme.

  1. This would facilitate real time information gathering and sharing on the lost and found children and would go a long way to check crime and improve timely response. The portal is being redesigned with the following features:
    • Enhance citizen participation through mobile apps
    • Mobile / SMS alert system for police (Child Welfare Officer)
    • Better navigation plan for citizens
    • Facility to integrate child services
    • Using social media to popularize the system / web portal
  2. MeitY and Department of Women and Child Development (DoWCD) are the nodal departments for this project.

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