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ICEGOV 2017 Logo

Titled “Infinity”, the ICEGOV2017 motif is designed intricately with three concentric infinity loops, representing an evolving relationship between India and its citizens, highlighting the countless opportunities created by new and emerging technologies.

The outermost infinity loop comprises of peacock feathers, representing India’s vibrant landscape and the innermost loop is inspired from Warli and Mandala art – an Indian folk art genre, symbolic of the power of connected citizens.

Displaying interconnectedness between the outermost and the innermost loop is the middle loop that uses electrical circuits to represent technology.  The circuits portray the limitless possibilities of technology and its use in building a strong relationship between citizens, business and the government.

The centre of the infinity motif is highlighted with three white concentric circles that signify the importance of a network which allows seamless collaboration between government, people and business.

To watch these various strands and thoughts come together to form the motif, see the Official Motif Film


Last Updated: Wed, 06/12/2019 - 19:03