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This quiz is open to all. It starts on 16-March-2020 and ends on 31-March-2020, 11.59 pm, Indian Standard Time.


Mail your answers to portal[at]digitalindia[dot]gov[dot]in


The email subject line should be: DI Portal Quiz: March 16- March 31, 2020


Include your full name, location, and country with your answers.


Quiz is related to India and Digital India, unless otherwise mentioned.


The decision of the Digital India Portal team will be final.


Names of the winners will be featured on Digital India portal and Digital India social media handles.


1.  Name the three Digital India initiatives that form the JAM trinity?

Answer: anDhan Account, Aadhaar cards and Mobiles

2. Name the government service, which acts as access points for delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agriculture services, apart from a host of B2C services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country?

Answer: Common Service Centres (CSC)

3. What is the name of the government app, which is an essential tool for Judicial Officers that helps them to get a quick glance of the number of listed cases on the present day, Undated Cases, received by the Institution and by transfer in the last month, current pending and disposed in the current month?

Answer: JustIS mobile app

4. Name the recently launched government service by BSNL, which is aimed to provide high-speed broadband connectivity to rural areas in the country.

Answer:Bharat Air Fiber service

Winners List- January 1-January 15 2020

1. P Shreshta, Telangana
2. Nimisha Maheshwari, Rajasthan
3. Roobini Kannan, Tamil Nadu
4. I.D. Variyani, Rajasthan
5. Vasundhara Devi R, Puducherry
6. Ganesh Chandra Gururani, Uttarakhand
7. Kavi Rohith M., Tamil Nadu
8. Syed Furqaanuddin, Telangana
9. Sujit Kumar Panda, Odisha
10. Rajneesh Kumar Saxena, Uttar Pradesh
11. Pendyam Shivali Sagar, Telangana,
12. Jabez Gershon Aldrin, Chennai
13. Suraj Urang, Assam
14. Vinil Dev K, Kerala
15. Mayank Shukla, Uttar Pradesh
16. S.Vadivu Natraj, Andhra Pradesh
17. A.Surendran, Tamil Nadu